“Art is a guaranty of sanity.”
Louise Bourgeois

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Looking back, as to how I became a photographer is somewhat of a blur to me. As you can see, my skills needed to be developed (ok, puns intended).

As a child I remember being in my father’s advertising studio, watching photo shoots and even being a test model at times (of course an angel). I wish I could say this experience is what moved me to become a photographer, but, honestly it didn’t truly cross my mind until years later, in college. Where I decided to take a photography course and purchased my first camera, a Pentax K1000.

However, after college, I went straight into the corporate world, while just playing with photography on the side. It wasn’t until after seven years of being in the corporate world, I finally decided to pursue photography.


Finally, switching my path to photography full-time, I enrolled at the Art Institute of Colorado. After having the opportunity to work in Georgia (internships with various commercial photographers), Indiana (as a freelance photographer with studio space in  the historic Stutz Building) and Maine (the Maine Photographic Workshops as the photo studio manager), I ended up back in Denver, back to the beautiful light and landscape Colorado has to offer.

My passion is food and still life photography. I also enjoy capturing priceless moments from portraits to weddings. Lastly, because photography is my life, and my life is photography; I enjoy working on personal projects of my own! Currently, one that involves having fish as my housemates!

Past Clients Include

  • Indianapolis Women Magazine
  • Canterbury Hotel
  • Make a Wish Foundation
  • Styling for Delicious Living Magazine
  • WM (Waste Management)
  • Comcast
  • Indiana University Hoosier Alumni Association
  • Broker Agent Magazine
  • Ricoh Printing
  • Malibu on Maryland Restaurant
  • Royal Crest Dairy